Dilruk madushan wimalagunasekara

First of all, I want to thank you Yuliia Mulyk and our Erasmus department. Because they gave me this greatest opportunity. I managed to succeed Erasmus interview at our university in Poland ( my home university).it was a really very good opportunity for me. when I went for Erasmus I got a lot of chances.studying with different countries student. especially Europe countries students.because I am coming from Asia and I met so many friends from different countries. that was made me an amazing time. because I had an excellent lecture with very good lecturers.i can say i studied very well and very new things.i had one subject Hotels and logging and I got a chance visit a different kind of 14 hotels in Hungary. that one also I have got a good opportunity. because I studied Hungarian hotel system.i had another lecture it was regional development management. this subject lecture was vice mayor in one city.that city is kisuwishala.i  had an opportunity to visit that city and learn about that city. it was a very nice experience for me.

I am doing now tour project Sri Lanka. when i was in Hungary i had subject Marketing management. that lecture helps me a lot and gave me lots of advising .honestly that my Hungarian university lectures are very talented and friendly.i learned soo many things.i want to say reminds Hungarian university Erasmus coordinator office. they organized very well and good.they are very helpfull. because i got a eye problem and that situation they are help me lot.because i had to go to hospital two times.that two days they arranged me someone  go with me who speak hungarian and enlish. second time i had to go to Budapest. that time they called Budapest hospital and arranged me everything. i really appreciate this everything. their international student office is doing very good. for me this is very beautiful university. because this university is locate in the very beautiful mountain area. that view  was stunning. because we had room with balcony. when its  drinking tea early morning looking this mountain, it was very nice. i want to tell we got a hostel rooms are perfect.their condition like hotel rooms. of course they said karol robei hotel student accomodation. specially their Erasmus coordinator Poka dora and Andrea very full and well organising. they are doing their job well. they organized parties, event ( specially mountain hiking trips, wine testing) and  global  cooking competition event. i participated this event and i cooked sri lankan Kottu.it was my first event in Hungary.we had i think  38 countries participants and i tried every countries food.specially Ukraine and italian foods are my best. maybe that's why Ukrainian team. they got first place. they organized wine testing event and we tried different kind of lot of wine and we had meeting about Hungarian wine and they describe about one by one wine.Hungaria is a very famous country in wine in the world. we got a knowledge about wine.that also perfect. they organized such a nice trip to Vienna in Austria.that one also perfect.that trip was very cheap and very organized.that trip was very nice.sometimes our lectures organized field visit  trip and i had a chance try to Hungarian foods. Really that was very delicious. one time i went to kisuwishala city.because my lecture organized trip for us.when i went their i got a opportunity try Hungarian sweets,traditional dance, Music and we tried together Hungarian special drinks. our university located in a small city.we could easily find someone who speak english.that was really good thing.i studied very new things in their. i can say this opportunity one of best opportunity when i got my life.because that was  such a nice time. I highly recommend that Erasmus program is a very valuable program to get different kind of experince.

Dilruk madushan wimalagunasekara

Tourism and Hospitality Management Student



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