Erasmus+ Week at Visoka škola "CEPS-Centar za poslovne studije" Kiseljak



Warm greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina!
WSG University delegation, presented by Director of the International Affairs Office, Marek Bogusz, Europe Direct in Bydgoszcz, Lidia Shahbazyan, Europe Direct in Toruń, Bartosz Szczepaniak has participated in the International Staff exchange in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.
The week was quite intensive including meetings with Visoka škola "CEPS-Centar za poslovne studije" Kiseljak authorities and the international department. Additionally, our coordinators from Europe Direct offices had classes in Ecology on the topic of the need to introduce waste segregation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a pleasure to share our experience and broaden the range of ecological followers. Thank you for this opportunity.
The next step of communication was the meeting with the Chairman of the Athletics Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmir Ćera Ćerimagić. It is a good chance to gain knowledge from AK Novi Grad Sarajevo - Atleta to implement in practice at the WSG University Sports Space.
Next time, we will wait for you as WSG guests to introduce our Academic and Sports community.
We do not say "Goodbye!", we say "See you soon!"




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