From the Erasmus Student viewpoint

         In this section, you can find articles written by Erasmus Students. Many of them regard such matters as living and studying in Poland, experiences gained during studying within the Erasmus Programme, traveling, studying at the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, etc. If you would like to find out how Erasmus Students perceive us, our culture, and our country, read the articles below!

Aytac Aslan (Turkey) - One Vital Thing to do in Life

Zeliha Yuksel (Turkey) - Erasmus - what a great opportunity!

Ayse Dilek Yildiz (Turkey) - Living in Poland

Mehmet Ali Görür (Turkey) - Living in Poland as an Erasmus Student

Ugur Dogan (Turkey) - Erasmus Student Experience

Laura Cheron (Germany) - An insight into the life of an Erasmus 

 Umur Kapar (Turkey) -  Isn"t it incredible?

 Akin Aydin (Turkey) - A university with endless possibilities...

Sara Boi (Italy) - Some impression of our student who already came back home

Hasan Örnek (Turkey) - Erasmus is more than Erasmus

Alekseeva Anna (Russia) - Дистанционное обучение во время пандемии

Batnasan Mungun-Uyanga (Mongolia) - Erasmus experience was the happiest part of this year


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