Info-Kit for ESC Newcomers



Have you ever heard of an initiative that involves doing volunteer work as part of the European Solidarity Corps?
If the answer is yes, your karma is improved.
If the answer is no, feel free to follow the Info-Kit for ESC Newcomers that the 4th ESC edition at WSG University has developed.
Marieta Gevorgyan from Armenia, Mariam Barbakadze from Georgia, and Victoria Barvitska from Ukraine have put together a handy set of details for you to better understand how to enter the EU, develop your soft and hard talents, and learn a new culture. Why not use the ESC to operate your small project?
To learn more about how a volunteer service project differs from a paid job and a leisure or tourist activity, click on the previously mentioned link.
You are encouraged to read more about the application process, the meaning of the Quality Label, and the significance of it for the SEND/HOST/LEAD organizations as well as the project outcomes (check our International Culinary Book and WSG Speaking Club).

Therefore, we would like to send our love to
Nino Alkhazishvili, David Muradyan, Volha Krasavina - "3-4-Adventures" project, 2018/2019,
Vanuhi Hovsepyan, Levani Shishniashvili, Katerina Shpakovskaya - "Never Be The Same", 2019/2020,
Oliko Barbakadze, Edona Brati, Maid Hasicic - "Enjoy The Diversity" project, 2020/2021,
 Aleksandar Spasovski, Mariam Barnakadze - "Moving Forward" project, 2021/2022.
We appreciate the priceless experience you shared with us, dears!




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