International Volunteer Day'22 in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps



International Affairs Office at WSG University is on air.
- Do you know International Volunteer Day is celebrated on the 5th of December?
- Do you know there are two organizations in Bydgoszcz that run voluntary service projects in the framework of the #EuropeanSolidarityCorps?
Let us sum up the latest intercultural updates at our main WSG campus.
WSG Speaking Club has been organized on the 5th of December dedicated to International Volunteer Day 2022.
International Affairs Office hosted special guests, the volunteers under the Europejski Korpus Solidarności programme.
The ESC participants from Wiatrak and EVS in Wroclaw had a great chance not only to improve their language skills, make friends, and have a good time but also to represent their organizations and the current activities on their projects.
As an example, the ESC volunteer, Andrei, from EVS in Wroclaw told us about his daily activities in the kindergarten and how the volunteers organized the children's free time. There was a brilliant idea for children's theater.

With regard to ESC volunteers from the Wiatrak foundation, there was a splendid chance to listen to them. Christmas Carols in different languages are still in force. Don't worry we will post what we saw.
Dear participants, we appreciate all your creativity, altruism, and positive attitudes to your projects as well as your participation in the WSG Speaking Club. This was awesome! 

In our turn, we would like to wish you to stay as motivated as you are, move forward, and change this world for the better. 
Remember we don't say "goodbye", we say "see you soon"!
Once a volunteer, always a volunteer!

Catch the Christmas Carols in the Italian, Macedonian, and Georgian languages presented by ESC volunteers from the Wiatrak foundation in Bydgoszcz.



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