Living in Poland as an Erasmus Student

My name is Mehmet Ali Görür and I came from Turkey, from Çukurova Üniversitesi. I have been here in Bydgoszcz for three months and before I came here I thought that Poland is just a small and snowy country in the middle of Europe. But if you really want to learn what Poland is, you have to come here and enjoy every moment with historic places and friendly people.

Firstly, people in Poland are very friendly and they always try to help foreigners. When you spend time with Poles, you just feel, like you were home. This shows how hospitable these people are. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to communicate with elderly people because they cannot speak English. Happily, the students speak quite well English so there is no problem with communication. The really disappointing thing is that people working in different institutions such as departments, shops, etc. do not smile very often.

Besides, the Polish language is not easy to learn especially in writing. If you write something you can get crazy because a lot of words contain the consonants such as “sz” or “cz”. You have to check your sentences every time you write ones. However, apart from this, it is not so hard to speak this language. Moreover, Polish people always try to teach you their language that is why it is easy to learn.

Furthermore, if you are in Poland you should just go outside and enjoy the magnificent historical buildings and wonderful places. When you walk on the street you can feel that you are part of the history of Poland.

To sum up, being in a foreign country is not easy but if you have a good atmosphere and a lot of friends during your Erasmus time, you can enjoy every moment. Combining all of these factors with beautiful history and wonderful places, the Erasmus Programme in Poland should be unforgettable!



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