Living in Poland

Poland is a fantastic and undiscovered country... I have written “undiscovered” because a lot of people have some views on Poland and Polish people but I think, they do not know what the truth is. Some of them have prejudices about Poland. If you speak with somebody who has never visited Poland, he or she can tell you that Poland is a small and cold country, etc. Before coming to Poland, I had a similar belief. I have been in Bydgoszcz for two months and I want to write something more about Poland and Polish people.

First of all, when you walk around the city you can see very beautiful and historical buildings and places. Generally, if you want to learn something about the history of other countries, most probably you should read a book. However, in Poland, you should just walk on the streets because each street or building can tell you something about its history. Sometimes you can feel today and the former term at the same time.
Secondly, Poles are very friendly and helpful people, the lovers of Polish food. Most young Poles know English but sometimes they can be shy and they do not want to speak English. Usually, they try to help you even though they do not understand you. Hospitality is important in Poland and every time you pay Polish people a visit, they really try to make you happy. Poland may not be a multicultural country but Poles have a lot of respect for foreigners.

Furthermore, the Polish language is very hard. When you want to write for example a letter in Polish, you should check each word several times. If you try to speak Polish, it may sound quite funny for Poles. Your pronunciation will be much different from them and because of this, you should repeat several times what you want tell to them.
Having been in this country for 2 months, I noticed that the Polish health sector is not in so good condition. If you are sick, it may be a problem. In my opinion, drugs are not very effective and hospitals are not very modern. Another negative aspect is the fact that people are very serious. When you go shopping, cashiers very often do not smile.

To conclude, living in a foreign country differs significantly from living in your own country. It is worthy to remember that each country has its own culture and lifestyle. But if you are in Poland you do not feel homesick too much.



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