"Moving Forward" project at WSG



Marieta, Armenia
"Hi, there! I'm sure you all know me! But in case there is anybody who doesn't know - I'm Marieta (Mara) WSG ESC volunteer from Armenia. I want to tell you about all my amazing experiences, here in Bydgoszcz, Poland. (it's still hard for me to write the city name, I'm always checking it with google.
Apart from other things, the amazing part of my project is that I'm always with Erasmus + students, I feel like a student again, we do events together, we walk together, and it's incredible. The other best part of ESC is traveling in EU countries! As well as during the project I gain lots of friends here and also met other volunteers from other projects with who I traveled to Paris!!! 
Soo, I'm still here continuing my ESC project, if you want to make memories together - you know where to find me" :) 

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Mariam, Georgia
“Hii, folk! I am Mariam from Georgia . I am volunteering here in Bydgoszcz for WSG University.
First of all, I have been here since February and I already understand that volunteering can bring you a bunch of experiences. Bydgoszcz is a quite nice place to live peacefully. Also, there are so many good people with whom you can have fun ( local people, students from abroad, and university staff). I have some duties here: working with students, for university, in the library, kindergarten, and elderly club. All of them are simultaneously funny and a little bit tiring. Additionally, here you have the possibility to travel all around Europe. All in all, I think Poland is a country which you should see at least once in your life.”

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Viktoriia, Ukraine

"Hey, Victoria here! 1/3 of ESC volunteers at the WSG University.
It's been already a month since my volunteering stay started. So let me share with you some details of the experience I have had so far. This month I've been able to work in different places - university offices, elderly club, kindergarten, and the university library. My favorite one so far is the library. Some quiet-peaceful work helping scan and organize the books. Also, I have this project that I want to implement in WSG for the students, so stay tuned and there are gonna be more details soon. Other than volunteering life this month, I've been able to visit two other Poland cities - Gdansk and Poznan. Really beautiful cities near Bydgoszcz I recommend everyone to visit".

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