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Katya from Belarus

Dzień Dobry from the charming city of Bydgoszcz! "Polish Amsterdam", "Little Berlin", "The Second Venice" ... This city is given different names, and all thanks to its rich history, beautiful architecture, pretty streets, and the River Brda, on which Bydgoszcz is located.
Exactly four months ago, my ESC project began. How can I describe it? Of course, It is a lot of new impressions, excellent language practice, a large number of pleasant acquaintances, and a unique experience of living abroad.
Our volunteer team consists of three people. Our project “Never be the same” every day helps you to learn something new about yourself, develop your skills, and reveal your talents. We work with elder people, with children in the kindergarten, in the Museum of Photography, in Europe Direct, with foreign students, as well as in the design studio!
Most importantly, I don't feel lonely at all. I am surrounded by wonderful people who are always ready to listen, help, cheer up or just stay by my side
A start has been made! And then it will only get better.
Do zobaczenia wkrótce!


Vanuhi from Armenia

Participation in the ESC program was so long waited for me, that when I received the acceptance letter, I was so excited and full of complicated emotions. But believe it or not, when I arrived in this city, all concerns and hesitations disappeared in a second. Living conditions, people, and atmosphere were so nice and cozy, that thinking about some obstacles or challenges became meaningless.
Of course, in order to keep things going well and even make it better, I and my colleagues work hard on an everyday basis, we try to understand and support each other at home and in the workplace as well. We are here to help each other to become the best version of ourselves,  to keep growing, and put more ambitious goals in life. It’s really interesting, that this approach is applicable not only for us but we try to do the same with our colleagues, students and other people whom we work with.
It’s a life-changing program, but people, who believe in destiny, would call it destiny changing. But you know, it doesn’t matter which kind of beliefs you have, from where you are, from which environment you come from, it’s big unity and you’ll become a part of it.
I do want to say, that what is happening with me now is something amazing, it’s something different and so powerful, that it will keep its footprint on my entire life.


Levani from Georgia

Hello. I'm so glad that I'm here. This project has radically changed my life and made it better. It gave me the opportunity to work in a variety of interesting places such as kindergarten, the elderly club, the Design Studio, and the Museum of Photography. It has given me the opportunity to learn the Polish language to be able to get in touch with locals. I live in a small beautiful town in Bydgoszcz. I work with good and friendly people. They are always ready to help me if I need it. I think I'm a lucky person. Thanks for this opportunity.






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