One Vital Thing to do in Life

In life, there are many occasions, chances we can meet. Nonetheless, there are some of them which shouldn’t be missed. Erasmus is one of the biggest occasions to bring our life a new side of view which we shouldn’t miss.

When I at high school, even that time I was dreaming about Erasmus; and when I start university, I did all to get this occasion. Some people can be afraid of having culture shock or some more problems. However, they are not aware that Erasmus is the biggest chance for them to cut out their wrong thinking side.

Having this program in Poland, I had the opportunity to learn a completely different culture, to learn a new language, and normally to meet many friends. To Erasmus people, most of the inhabitants were hot-blooded and helpful. And it was enough to see smiles on their face when I say even one basic Polish word.

Bydgoszcz, where I had my not only Erasmus learning but also Erasmus mobility program is a small and cute city. Especially in summer, it is really lively. And there are many activities to do. After living that long time, I was feeling like that city is my hometown. Having traveled to other cities or countries, whenever I turned back to Bydgoszcz, I felt like I turned to the area where I was always living.

Economic problems are always problems for not only Erasmus but normal students. Being a cheap country, Poland is really an ideal country to spend time as a student. Both daily necessities and some extras such as travel are definitely cheaper than in my country and most of the European countries.
To sum up, spending time in Poland as an Erasmus student was gorgeous. What is more, I am sure that I will visit that cute country and my friends again.



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