Project outcomes

Project outcomes


The European Solidarity Corps provides young people aged anywhere between 18 to 30 years old, with the opportunity to learn about another culture and a period of self-reflection. The opportunity to do what you like doing, in the capacity that you can provide is a focal point of the ESC. It does not discriminate, it does not ask you to know something before you do it. It gives equal opportunity to young curious people that want to improve themselves by learning a new skill set, by improving the one they possess, and to improve the community by giving their time. In this way, both the volunteer and the community grow together, learn from each other and share with each other.

ESC is very flexible, giving organizations the freedom to do all sorts of activities that otherwise young curious people may not find in their country, or want to do in another country, it also carefully selects the organizations that will provide you with growing possibilities. You and the organization that hosts you will cooperate towards a mutual goal, which will provide both you and the organization with project outcomes.

Project outcomes with the ESC volunteering program allow the volunteer to assess their own growth. Throughout the project, with the help of the mentor which every volunteer will have, the volunteer will be put to different tasks which will provide him or her with experience, improve the skills of the volunteer and form a mutual understanding between the parties. This will be expressed, with the help of the mentor in YouthPass, a paper that confirms both the participation in the project and the different skills the volunteer has acquired.

Project outcomes are the skills, the motivation, the new way of thinking, and the understanding of the volunteer that have been proven on the project. While there is an underlying expectation that the volunteers will improve their skills, improve their language, learn a new language and grow to understand different cultures and people, volunteers have the freedom to choose when they feel ready. There are no bad grades, there are no school chairs, there is the volunteer, the opportunity to do what you like, and the experience and growth at the end of every successfully done task.

To express your own feedback, you can choose creative ways of sharing information. Maybe you want to make a small movie, maybe you want to share a story, or maybe you want to share your culture with others? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Our previous volunteers felt like sharing part of their culture through the cuisine. We bring you the recipes, and say Bon appétit!.

--> International Culinary Book




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