Erasmus + Traineeship Programme in Greece

This year I decided to spend my holidays in a different country. I got an opportunity to participate in Erasmus + Traineeship Programme in Greece and for a few months I worked as a waitress at a five-star hotel. I would like to tell you about the benefits of my participation in this programme and most of all about the huge adventure that I experienced.

          Firstly, working in a foreign, distant country enables young people to not only get experience in a particular job but learn English and other languages as well. It is wildly known that going abroad constitutes the faster way to improve practical language skills and I do not have to say about the value of foreign languages in contemporary world. I have been learning English for many years but I did not feel confident while speaking. In Greece I was forced to communicate with both my colleagues and international customers. Consequently, I overcame my shyness and now I am a good English speaker. I am not afraid of speaking in foreign language and I can travel everywhere with confidence.

Furthermore, participation in Erasmus + Programme gave my possibility to travel to destinations that I would never go to. During my stay in Kos I saw a lot of absorbing places and famous greek monuments on the island. Among the others I went to a delightful village called Kefalos, a mountain village Zia, I also visited a small volcanic island called Nisyros, the place that made huge impression on me. Thanks to travelling I met a great number of new people from Grecee and many other countries as well and I got acquainted with traditional Greek cuisine.

In my estimation the decision about taking part in the Traineeship Programme abroad had beneficial effect on my life and I would do it over again in a second. It was a great adventure to travel, experience working in a luxurious hotel and meet people from around the world. What is more, I feel like I improved my English and I broaden my horizons. I am proud of myself that I was so courage to leave my home, family, close friends in Poland and I went to unknown place staying there for a long time. Now I know that everything is possible and we should make our dreams come true.



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